Dermal Fillers for Men in Edinburgh

So, you’re not happy about something and you are considering a treatment, but you don’t want it to look fake or ‘overdone’.

At Smooth Dimensions we endeavour to make all our treatments look as natural as possible. We do this by considering your whole face, then applying the golden ratio to achieve natural looking proportions.

The Golden Ratio is a special number that appears across nature, such as in the spiral of a flower or the width between the inner side of each eye, compared to the cheek projection. The ratio is so appealing to the human eye that it is consequently found across our art and geometry as well.

However, some people are closer to the golden ratio than other’s, so we do not look at your features on their own but consider the look you are going for in the context of your entire face.

How to Use the Face Map

Underneath this section is a map of a male face. Across this face are ten small cross markers representing the most common symptoms of ageing, lifestyle and fatigue that cause people to seek treatments.

Here at Smooth Dimensions we want you to understand what is happening to your body and how we intend to fix it. By hovering over a cross marker with your mouse and information box will appear explaining the formal and informal names of the symptom in question allowing you to do further research if you so wish. In addition, there is a link to the Anti-Wrinkle treatment, Dermal Filler, Lip & Cheek Augmentation or Reversal pages where you can learn more about possible treatments for the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you wish to proceed with us, select the treatment you want to pursue and add it to your basket. All our treatments are preceded by a free consultation at which our Nurse Practitioner will confirm your symptoms and that we are pursuing the correct treatment for you. This may be one joint consultation/treatment or two separate appointments.

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Affordable Cosmetic Treatment Fillers for Men

As one of the Central Belt’s leading providers of cosmetic treatments to men, at Smooth Dimensions we’re committed to delivering exceptional value for money alongside a highly professional service. We’re confident our prices are difficult to beat and offer an affordable way to get anti-wrinkle, dermal filler or reversal treatments from a skilled and experienced team.

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